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Pyramid Creations Products
We offer many variations of the pyramid shape.  Each Orgone Transformer is a unique and individual creation.  Although we do offer standard sizes, no two pieces are exactly alike.  Custom pieces are available upon request and are priced based on size, and what crystals and stones are used.  To enhance the look of each piece, a color changing LED lighted display base can be purchased for an additional $5.

Please note all sales are final.

If you have any questions regarding our products or would like more information, please contact us:
Small, medium and large pyramids with and without harmonizing coils, with crystals, semi-precious stones and metal dust. 

The sacred geometry of the pyramid offered in a variety of shapes and sizes with crystals, harmonizing coils and metal dust.

Small, medium and large pyramids with tie-dye colors with and without harmoinizing coils, with crystals, semi-precious stones and metal dust.

Pyramids with crystals, semi-precious stones, metal dust and the added energy of cadmium magnets.