Pyramid Creations

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Jay would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to Sarah Joy Roberts who inspired him to make his first piece of orgonite-who knew then where it would lead.  If you are in need of wonderful acupuncture services please visit Sarah at:     Sarah Joy Roberts  Acupuncture Care Center
                          1A Commons Drive Suite 4, Londonderry,  NH  03053  603-425-0044


Watch:  Jay's two interviews with Andrea Klim on Turn to the Stars originally airing on Manchester, NH TV23 cable, now up on You Tube:
"This week on Turn To The Stars TV I talk with Jay Harris of  Pyramid Creations .... Jay is the owner, creator and artist of Pyramid Creations and also a Crystal Healing Therapist. Please join me and Jay and hear how he got started, what his inspiration was and what the overall purpose is of his Pyramid Creations and so much more!
Not only are his crystal pyramids conduits of positive, healing energy... they are also "absolutely beautiful!"

​Listen:  Jay's radio interview about Orgone and Pyramid Creations on "The New Beginnings Through Healing" radio show on North Shore 104.9 WBOQ FM.     Here is a link to the Podcast:

Upcoming Events
Summer Psychic Fair    Saturday June 16, 2018    9:30aM-4:30PM
The Hampton Inn    Exit 8 off Rt 3    407 Amherst Street    Nashua, NH

Copper Pyramids
My newest creation-a Copper Pyramid with 
an Orgonite Pyramid on top. Various sizes 
available by custom order. These pyramids 
are large enough for several people to 
sit inside. A sacred geometry space to 
meditate. Contact your higher self and the 
universal vibration and upgrade your DNA. 
You create what you want.  I am you.